Food Services: Tips for Saving Money on Food ServicesFood Services: Tips for Saving Money on Food Services

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Food Services: Tips for Saving Money on Food Services

If you own a restaurant, you have to spend money on food services, and these expenses can represent a large portion of your monthly expenses. Luckily, there are numerous ways to save money on food services. Hi, my name is Helen, and I have worked in the restaurant or catering industry for almost two decades. Through that time, I have worked in a number of different jobs with a number of different responsibilities. This blog is the culmination of everything I have learned about cutting costs, and it also includes research that I have done. If you own a restaurant or are in the hospitality industry, this blog is designed to help you. Please explore and share.

Spit Roasts | 3 Nifty Tips For Throwing a Backyard Spit Roast Party With Minimal Effort

Everyone loves the idea of a backyard party, but it requires plenty of planning and effort that you're probably not willing to go through. Spit roast catering has become a popular choice for many backyard parties, because it doesn't require much attention and can easily cater to groups of different sizes with minimal stress on you. The delectable smell from slow roasting meat and burning charcoal will leave your guests waiting in anticipation for a scrumptious meal. Here are some tips to help you throw an effortless backyard spit roast party.

Choose Your Meats With Your Catering Service

The first thing you need to do is to choose the meats you want to serve at the party. You can choose between different cuts of beef, pork, chicken and lamb. Get the expert help of your spit roast catering company to determine quantities required, depending on your party size. Make sure you ask the spit roast catering service about the types of meats and cuts they provide. For example, if you're interested in crispiness, then ensure that the pork you order includes the crackling skin. Similarly, let your catering service know if you are interested in lamb legs, shanks or chops for placing over the spit.

Get a Package Deal For Minimum Hassle

If you don't like the idea of planning every element of the party on your own, you can always get a package deal with the spit roast catering service. For example, many services offer package deals to include different types of meat, cooked vegetables, salads, jacket potatoes, hot breads, condiments, desserts and champagne. This may be a little more expensive than going to the fresh food market on your own, but it's well worth the price when you consider the time and effort you will end up saving. You can even get some spit roast catering services to provide cutlery on rent, saving you the hassle of cleaning up after your party. Contact a professional catering business, such as Victorian Golden Roast, and ask about their service options and packages.

Get the Catering Service to Set Up the Meat and Spit

Setting up a spit roast and placing meat on it can take up a fair bit of your time, so you must choose a spit roast catering service that will set up the entire spit for you, including the meat. The experts will be able to push the meat through the rods and will attach braces to ensure that the meat doesn't fall off the rod when it rotates over the roast fire. If you're throwing an afternoon party, you'll want the spit roast set up by morning, and you'll want an afternoon or early evening setup for a late evening party. Don't set up the roast too early or too late, because you'll want the meat cooked suitably when it's time to serve. A few hours before the party commences is just right to set up the spit roast.

Spit roast catering is an easy way to throw a backyard party with minimum effort.